Current Activities (Including Research)

Current Activities (Including Research)

Twin research: collaboration with the Twin Study group at St Thomas’ Hospitals. Clinical and radiological review (MRI and X-rays) of 400 twins – reviewing MRC questionnaires, Oswestry Disability forms, and SF-36. This is a 5 year ongoing study

Lumbar anterior surgery

disc arthroplasty: Prospective review of 600 lumbar disc replacements (Prodisc-L), and 200 cases with M6C and L

anterior fusion: Prospective review of 600 anterior lumbar fusions

anterior fusion with BMP: Prospective review of 400 BMP fusions

anterior hybrid surgery: Prospective review of 200 cases of disc replacement and fusion

AO reference centre for motion preservation surgery: Guy’s and St Thomas’ is a reference centre for anterior minimal access surgery disc replacement (lumbar and cervical), kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty

Minimal access thoracic scoliosis surgery – novel technique and outcome study

Prospective MRI review of intraspinal anomalies in early onset scoliosis

Prospective study of 400 Prestige cervical disc arthroplasty

Prospective study of anterior lumbar (minimal invasive fusion) with and without BMP

Long term study into clinical and carer outcome of neuromuscular scoliosis

25 year prospective study of the evolution of scoliosis in cerebral palsy patients

Multi-centre prospective study of posterior minimal invasive lumbar fusions (MASTERS-D Study) – completed

Changes in pre-operative and post-operative gait analysis in patients undergoing lumbar disc replacement surgery and fusion

Disc proteoglycans and elastic fibre changes in degenerative disc disease – collaborative work with Professor Jill Urban, Nuffield Orthopaedic Research Centre

Extended review of intraspinal anomalies in early onset scoliosis

Review of XLIF cases

Review of M6L and M6C disc replacements