Spine Disc Replacement Surgeon

Cervical & Lumbar Spine Disc Replacement Surgeon

Dr Khai Lam is a specialist cervical & lumbar spine disc replacement surgeon based in London, UK. His expertise in lumbar and cervical disc degeneration surgery have seen him implant over 1000 spinal disc replacements since 2004 and is a highly sought after surgeon for patients across the UK with chronic back and neck pain.

Dr Khai Lam originally qualified from Nottingham University completing his spinal surgery training at the Center for Spinal Surgery and Studies, Nottingham. He then continued to complete his spinal fellowship training after working within numerous renowned European spinal centres of excellence and becoming an expert in the field of cervical & lumbar artificial disc replacement.

As well as spinal disc replacement surgery, Dr Khai Lam also specialises in sciatica, adult and childhood deformities including scoliosis, tumours, infections, fractures, and lumbar/cervical inflammatory disorders injection therapies.

Spinal Disc Replacement

Cervical Spine Disc Replacement Surgeon

Cervical Disc Replacement

The human cervical intervertebral disc allows the spine to absorb large loads of compression whilst providing the range of motion required from the bones in the neck. Replacing this disc with an artificial implant requires both innovative technology in the form of an artificial disc and expert skill from a spinal disc replacement surgeon to implant an artificial cervical disc between two vertebrae in the neck and replacing the damaged cervical disc.

Lumbar Spine Disc Replacement Surgeon

Lumbar Disc Replacement

The lower spine consists of the L5-S1 vertebral segment (also known as the ‘lumbosacral joint’) which provides a strong and stable base for the spine to allow the human torso to bend and twist in a full range of motion. Artificial disc replacement relieves lower back pain typically caused by degenerative disc disease by removing the problematic disc and replacing it with an advanced technological implant which mimics the natural disc.

Spinal Disc Replacement Technology

As a specialist spinal disc replacement surgeon I choose only the best and most innovative disc replacement technology available. For all artificial disc replacement surgeries I use Spinal Kinetics‘ M6 Disc range, including the M6-C (Cervical) and M6-L (Lumbar).

The M6 Discs are designed to replicate the anatomical structure and natural movement of a human disc. The groundbreaking design includes an artificial nucleus (allowing axial compression) as well as a woven fibre annulus for a full and controlled range of motion in all 6 degrees of motion. Research and testing with the M6 disc has shown the equivalent quality of motion as a natural healthy disc. This is due to the technologically advanced design which provides the necessary restraint and control needed for the spine’s natural range of motion.

This technology is supplied to NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK via specialist spinal solutions supplier Lindare Medical.

Disc Replacement Technology M6-C

M6-C (Cervical)

Designed specifically to mimic the same bio-mechanics of a natural cervical disc, this artificial disc is implanted between two vertebrae in the neck and replaces a damaged cervical disc.

Disc Replacement Technology M6-L

M6-L (Lumbar)

Specially designed to allow the lower spine to naturally bend and twist, this lumbar disc replaces any damaged disc in the lower regions of the spine within the lumbosacral joint.

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